Apologies for the unannounced hiatus.  I’ve been sick, and both of our pets have been sick as well.  We lost the one just yesterday, unfortunately.  The other is going in for her second surgery soon, which will hopefully clear it up for good.

As for me, I am still not fully recovered, but I’m close enough to sorting everything out that I hope to be able to resume updates very soon.  This new illness actually explains why I was having so much trouble with my schedule last year – I really wish I’d figured it out sooner.  In the meantime, I’ve been working on the script and the behind the scenes coding, and I’ve also been working on getting a patreon set up.  I know that’s no fun for anyone else, because it’s nothing you can see, but it’s all stuff that has to be done at some point.

TLDR: Been sick, updates resume soon.