So what’s all this?

“This” is D.E.I.T.Y, a story that I have been working on for several years now.  It is a color comic, about the world of Taere, where gods work through acolytes to protect all the people and places within.  The story follows the acolytes of two particular gods and the scribe they’ve hired to record all of the above.


Who’s writing this thing?

I am! I am Ivica (Ivitsa) Smith, and I am both writing and drawing the comic.  I am 28 years old, and I live in the US.  If you need to contact me for whatever reason, you can drop me a note on twitter, or send me an email at  You can also leave a comment on the FAQ itself if you have a question!


When does the comic update?

Whenever I manage to finish a page! …But usually I try for Saturday.  

If I have to delay a page for whatever reason, I try to post a concept or a sketch instead.


Is the story finished, or are you making it up as you go?

Oh, it’s finished.  There’s 200 some pages of dialogue in Word, along with forty or fifty more of notes and backstory, and a ten page dissertation on the structure of magic.  There is also a huge stack of notes, and several sketchbooks full of concepts.  I am still revising some of the later scenes, but the story itself is done and finished – I just need to draw all of it.


Do you recommend any other comics?

I do!  Here are a few of my favorites that are currently updating:

Cucumber Quest, Vattu, Gunnerkrigg Court, Harpy Gee, Witchy, *Unsounded, *Ava’s Demon, Paranatural, Bird Boy, Headless Bliss, Balderdash!Monster Pulse, Poppy O’Possum, Stand Still, Stay Silent, *The Last Halloween, The Last Cowboy, O Human Star, Wilde Life, Eth’s Skin, Skin Deep, Namesake, Scurry, Roar Street Journal, and Daughter of the Lilies.

*These ones have swearing, or gore, or other things not really SFW.