This was my first attempt at a color scheme for Ishar.  I had known she was white and blue, but I didn’t realize she was albino until this point, when I decided red would look nice for her eyes.  Up until then I had been assuming that most skyborne were white in color (and while they do have a winter coat that is mostly white, they’ve still got black markings – and in the winter Ishar loses her blue markings and becomes entirely white).

You can also see what her “hair” looked like back then – it was a lot fluffier and stuck out a great deal.  She didn’t have wings at this point either, though she could still fly for some reason – her arm feathers kept getting longer and longer in each concept, so eventually I just gave in and made them actual wings (it made more sense than magical flying powers anyway, especially after the magic sorted itself out the way it is now).  Demons actually had the opposite happen; they started out with wings and lost them.