This was the first attempt at drawing the gods (and yes, Ishar’s god started out blue.  At some point it switched colors with the other god, I am not actually sure when that happened.)  I actually really quite like the way it came out, but it was somewhat difficult to replicate, so I ended up dropping the idea and going for a generic glowy orb instead.

You can also see the first version of their uniform – and what I was considering putting on it for their heraldic symbol (I ended up dropping the symbols entirely, going instead with representative colors).  You can also see better what I mentioned in the second concept I posted – her arm feathers are nowhere near long enough to be considered wings, and her hair is much fluffier, and tail much longer.  In the background you can also see one of my first designs for a house, and what would eventually become chime lamps.
I am also fairly certain that Ishar’s oath marks were still on her feet at this point.