I actually really hate this concept.  Ishar is bad, the god is bad, it’s all bad.  I could see that when I started working on it, but I just kept poking at it in the hopes it would somehow get better (why it has color).

At this point I was still iterating on the armor and uniform.  For instance, starting to figure out how her armor would work with the feathers – the bandages might have worked with the short ones here, but they looked a bit silly.  You can also see the emblem has disappeared, although their colors were still blue and white instead of just white.  I still don’t know exactly how the gods’ colors ended up swapped, but it was probably during one of the periods when I was only working on the script.   I didn’t even realize it had happened until I went back later and looked at these.

Ishar didn’t have wings yet, still – you can see she has a pinky finger instead of her wing finger.  I was also trying to figure out where the blue would be on her feathers.  I had been imagining it just generally as a lot of blue, but I ended up paring it down quite a bit in the next few concepts because it looked too busy.  Her scarf is also starting to slowly increase in size.

I don’t want to talk about the god.  Terrible.