This page was rather more difficult than I thought it would be.  A multitude of tiny problems combined to be quite annoying.  For one thing, our angelic friend there was not yellow, but orange when I went to post the page, and of course all the rest of the yellowy colors were trending towards orange too because I’d painted him first.  Had to go back and correct that – still not sure what happened.  I also suspect that the table with the elves was resized at some point.  Then of course I had to put together the speech bubbles for the gods, and those were pretty terrible all by themselves.  (Of course, now that this particular speech bubble is done, I won’t need to do it again, but still.)

It has not helped that I have not been feeling well the last couple of weeks, and the holidays on top of that.  Unfortunately, I expect this week will be late as well – though hopefully not by so much.

Edit: Going to go ahead and just skip this week, so next page this weekend!