This is not the page I was planning to draw for 75, but I think it is overall better than the original would have been (though I’m not terribly happy with panels one and two here).  Plus, this one page does the work of the next three by the way I’d had it planned, and I think that will work much better in the end.

I think you can get a better sense of the sheer size of the sanctuary than I’ve ever managed before in any of my sketches, which is great.  In the courtyard here we’ve got the healer’s building with the roof gardens, the training grounds, the walls, the kitchen/dining area and the storage building, as well as a view of the central tree.  Sadly, I was not able to squeeze the R & D building or the God’s Pavilion in there, but we’ll see those on the way to the library.  The forges and armory are underneath the training grounds to help keep them heated in the winter, so I’m not sure we’ll see those at all (but they’re there).