There’s that green hair I was talking about.  It was in the last page, it was just covered up by speech bubbles.  Oh, and scout wyrms are wyrms that have been bred for speed.  Usually pretty small, for wyrms.  They tend to be fairly expensive if you want good ones, but they make getting around a lot easier when you’re in a hurry.


I got super sick at the beginning of the month because we got a bunch of contaminated applesauce and I had no idea it was the source (it took two weeks to figure that out).  We’ve since found an applesauce brand that’s actually safe, and I started to recover… but then the orthodontists bolted my braces to the roof of my mouth and I could not focus at all for days, my head was just one big ache. (And I mean they literally drilled a hole and put a screw in, I’m not talking about them tightening the wires or something like that.)   I’m mostly over that now too, thankfully.  Gotta say though, the work I attempted to do on this page while I was sick was a huge mess when I took a look at it this week.  The wyrm was super tiny (and bright red!), the lines were all grey… had to redo a lot of it, that last panel especially.

I think I owe a concept from the orthodontist mess last weekend too.  I’ll sort it out.