…leading to the creation of the taxi sphinx posts.  Sphinxes are not as fast as wyrms, but also do not have a tendency to eat inexperienced handlers. They require additional assistance to take off with bags or a passenger if they are not jumping off a cliff, but once in the air they are faster than walking. Unfortunately, they cannot travel long distances with heavy burdens, and so will not fly any further than the next taxi post out.  It is still possible to travel far this way, over a period of several days, but the costs add up quickly and it is usually cheaper to travel by wagon or ship.  You can find sphinxes in other professions, but most of them end up working for the taxi business in some fashion.

-excerpt, Ranor’s A Brief History of Taere


I like the sphinxes.  I really do.  They were a tiny little idea in one of my first concepts that I think turned into something really neat.  Maybe not important, but still neat.