So trains are a lot bumpier than I remembered!  There was one whole day where we did nothing but sit on a ferry and a train, and I got nothing at all accomplished because I couldn’t draw a straight line there to save my life. Another day that we were supposed to have a significant amount of free time was spent trekking up and down a hill so we could use a very nice lady’s phone to call the rental car company (multiple times) about our car developing two flat tires in the middle of nowhere – and not even one spare (or some of that goo stuff).  Ah well.  I did get a little bit of work done on the airplanes – the big ones even had plugs so I could charge my tablet.  I also took a lot of very nice reference pics, landscapes and artifacts and that sort of thing.

That just means 52 is definitely not done yet, but I’ll do my best to have it ready for this weekend.