Rings are the trader’s currency, and are accepted everywhere.  In fact, foreign currency is often melted down into rings to determine its value if there is uncertainty, though major cities and villages usually have a moneylender or a currency conversion center.  Like most coins, they come in gold, silver, and copper, at a ratio of 1 to 100.  Rings are so called because of their shape, and originated in the form of actual rings that were worn on fingers or talons as a display of wealth.  Over time, the rings grew smaller as their function overtook their use as a fashion accessory. 

When Accord was founded, they elected to adopt rings as their currency instead of creating their own coins, and they have since become the biggest center for minting rings in Taere. Their particular rings are marked with a simple seal on the side denoting their origin.

-excerpt, Ranor’s A Brief History of Taere


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