The polite term is “mixed species” but hardly anyone uses it besides scientific papers and the like. However, while “mixed species” can be used to describe anyone of such heritage, the term halfbreed is somewhat insulting and usually only applies to those of mixed species who were born without the aid of a wordsmith. Most people instead differentiate them by saying “smith-born” as opposed to “natural-born”.

Halfbreed’s negative connotations come from the fact that while smith-born children like Lehn’s mother are designed to be a functional cross, fully capable of having children, the same can’t be said for natural-born children. If they survive at all, they usually have an incredible amount of health problems (at best), and are almost always incapable of having children.

Ishar was very lucky, having only albinism and a minor speech impediment to deal with, as well as poor heat retention due to lack of total feather coverage (this makes winter her least favorite season).