We’ve met Orinale now, so I figure this one is safe to post.

When I was initially working on summoners and shadowcallers, I had this idea in the back of my head that summoning their shadows was a Big Deal.  Sadly, it is for the most part not, meaning that a summoning of this strength is extremely rare (and thus we will not be seeing one in the comic).  It is far more common to see a summoner with or using their shadows, having already summoned them beforehand.

You can also see that for a long period of time Orinale’s oath marks were on her thighs instead of her hands.  This is because I was trying out different mark placements, seeing how they felt.  She also pinned her veil with her acolyte’s badge right up until her very final design (and you can of course see why she generally wears the veil as well.  Scar placement is a little different now if I recall, though).