The first concept on the left was done all the way back in 2011.  Skybold was an archer even then, but not a magical one.  He was supposed to be a… half-elf half-dark angel, if I recall correctly.  This was well before I’d developed the magic system, and as such I didn’t know yet that angels were not a race but a magical condition.  I never did like that first concept – even when I drew it, it felt like it was trying too hard to be cool (look at that ridiculous belt-buckle).

Much later, once I did know how angels worked, I came to the conclusion that Skybold would likely not be a dark angel, but a bright angel – and now his parents are both elves (just makes more sense).  And of course, he wouldn’t carry a bow with him, because he can use his abilities to create one when needed.  That second concept was the last real concept for him that I did, but you can see it was somewhat before I’d dropped the heraldic symbols for gods.  The only major differences between this concept and the Skybold in the comic are he’s gained a bit of rank and lost some of his extra armor (i.e. the shoulderplates).

Oh, and there’s a miniature height chart on the side of the old concept.  I believe it contains some characters that never made it past the initial drafts, but I’m not entirely certain.