This was the first concept I did for the city of Accord, very very early on.  It’s technically also the first taxi sphinx concept, but there isn’t much design work going on there so nothing really to talk about.

The city, though, that has changed quite a bit – especially the council house.  I didn’t really know what I was doing when I drew this concept, since I hadn’t actually thought about what the city itself looked like.  When I was done, I decided that while it was kind of neat – this was not Accord.  That first version of the council house there – the odd building with what appears to be a flower on top – is so different from its later designs that it may as well not be the same place.  The bell towers too, look more like ship masts in this design.  All the houses are somewhat rounded on top, and they all have those odd triangular awnings.

The mountains have always been there though, right from the very start.