I have absolutely no buffer at the moment, so I’m not going to make any guarantees as to a schedule – but I’m doing much better healthwise at the moment, and I’m hoping that will continue.  It took about half the time to get the colors up and running on page 60 as it would have while I was sick.

Also, I’ve been given to understand that Paypal can be a pain to donate with, so there is now also a Patreon page.  It’ll require a bit more work from me to maintain, but it does look like a very nice way to set things up.  If you’re interested in seeing bits of the script or how I make the pages, that’ll all be over there.

Other news: I don’t know who listed me on the webcomic list, but the links and the info were all wrong, and there was no support for its crawler (since I didn’t know about it).  That’s all been fixed, along with all the other massive behind-the-scenes code revamps, which look no different but work much nicer.  The crawler’s been tracking the concept pieces I’ve been posting up until now, but I will probably switch it to tracking only the actual pages now that I’m posting them again.

Speaking of concepts, I have eight more still to post before I’m caught up, but I’ll probably drop those down to once a week since I’m running out of ones that don’t currently contain spoilers.